The following are branding properties. When these refer to branding images that default to Redcell images (see Examples for specifics of how to use these).

redcell.frameblobname -- Specifies the application icon in the upper left corner of the application. Dimensions - 16x16 (pixels).

redcell.loginproductblobname -- Specifies the image that appears over the top of the login panel. Dimensions -- should be: height: 88 (fixed) x wide: 492 - no stretch.


All images/icon files for customizing installation and branding must be in a directory that is included in the component/driver path. In the examples below that would be com/dorado/devicedriver/neccx/images/

redcell.loginbandblobname -- Specifies the image that appears on the bottom of the login panel. Dimensions -- height: 51 (fixed) x wide: 533 - no stretch

redcell.loginbackgroundblobname -- Specifies the background image that for login panel, login controls and product and brand images will be overlaid over the top of the background which fills the entire panel. Dimensions: This should be at least height: 417 x wide: 534. It should be bigger since the user can stretch the user interface stretches.

redcell.frameworkimage -- Specifies the image that appears in the lower left portion of the applications status bar. Dimensions -- 50x150 -- Specifies the company logo that gets incorporated into a report (upper left corner of the report) Dimensions: 50x150 defaults the redcell.frameworkimage).