The following describes what you need to do to seed (during installation) the elements referred to by the custom branding properties described previously.

redcell.sysframeimage -- This must be seeded during installation so it cannot just be listed in the file. It is also referred to by the sysframeimage property in the rc.settings.txt file located in the neccx device driver's db directory. You can also add the launchhomepage property that lets users click the branded image to open a browser to that page.

You must import rc.settings.txt during installation for these properties to take effect. To import this during installation add a new section to the existing .install file, as exemplified in neccx.install above. The added section in this example is Redcell UI Seed Data and points to the rc.settings.txt file located in the db directory

Copy the rc.settings.txt file to \owareapps\neccx\db\, then merge or replace (for example) the and neccx.install files with your customized versions.