Producing the Properties List

Follow these steps to produce the properties list:

1. Shut down the application server.

2. In any Redcell component, add the following section to the log4j.xml file (for example \owareapps\redcell\server\conf\redcell-log4j.xml):


<category name="com.dorado.redcell.appframework.nav.RCNavI18NHelper">

<priority value="TRACE"/>



3. Restart the application server.

4. Once the application server is running, open the application server log file. The server log is found in \oware\jboss-3.2.7\server\oware\log\server.log

5. Search for the following in the server log:


--- I8N: Redcell Navigation Tree --------------


You should find something that looks like this:


--- I8N: Redcell Navigation Tree --------------

- Place the following list in a message file and replace each value.

- If the property is already in place, the retrieved value is displayed.


RCMenuObject.I18N.leaf_templateMgr.1=Report Templates



RCMenuObject.I18N.leaf_deviceDiscWiz.1=Resource Discovery


RCMenuObject.I18N.leaf_equipRoleMgr.1=Resource Roles

RCMenuObject.I18N.leaf_RetentionPolicy.1=Retention Policies

--- I8N: Redcell Navigation Tree --------------



The above is an example. Menu item order can differ from this example.