Replacing Navigation Tree Text

Copy the output to your components message file (for example \owareapps\redcell\lib\ and replace the values after the equals (=) sign. You should now end up with something that looks like this:



# This is the U.S. English message file for Redcell Core 3.1



# Nav Tree I18N

RCMenuObject.menu_reportManager.1=NEC Reports

RCMenuObject.leaf_templateMgr.1=NEC Report Templates

RCMenuObject.leaf_reportsMgr.1=NEC Reports

RCMenuObject.menu_inventory.1=NEC Inventory

RCMenuObject.leaf_deviceDiscWiz.1=NEC Resource Discovery

RCMenuObject.leaf_equipMgr.1=NEC Resources

RCMenuObject.leaf_equipRoleMgr.1=NEC Resource Roles

RCMenuObject.leaf_equipGroupMgr.1=NEC Groups

RCMenuObject.leaf_linkMgr.1=NEC Links

RCMenuObject.leaf_locationMgr.1=NEC Locations

RCMenuObject.leaf_vendorMgr.1=NEC Vendors

RCMenuObject.leaf_contactMgr.1=NEC Contacts

RCMenuObject.leaf_classMgr.1=NEC Class Manager

RCMenuObject.menu_systemServices.1=NEC System Services


Save the message file, and restart your application server and then Redcell. The Redcell Navigation Tree should now display the modified navigation tree values. If you find errors/typos, just change the message file and restart the application server and client.


Remember to remove log4j’s TRACE setting