Installation Overview and Prerequi­sites

Installation Types

Installing the Application

Updating an Existing Installation

Cancelling the Installation


Solaris Color Adjustment

Linux / Solaris Command Line Installation

Overriding Properties

Linux / Solaris Partition Information

Complex Installations

Installation Overview and Prerequisites

The installation process installs the application, including its foundation class software. (Oware provides the foundation classes for these applications.) You must have administrative privileges on your host to properly complete the installation of this application. For hardware requirements, and other prerequisites, consult the sections following System Basics.

This application is incompatible with any other software using the standard SNMP ports (162, for example), or other raw sockets. Either stop the conflicting application before you install this one, or stop this one whenever you want to use the alternative. You may have to reboot to close conflicted sockets. To stop this application, you must close the client and stop the Application Server (see Stopping Servers).


Upgrading from a previous installation is automated, but best practice is to back up the existing system first to ensure data preservation. Some packages may have an install wizard option to back up the database before upgrading.