User Site Access Policy

This editor assigns Multitenant sites to users.

This screen offers the following selections for User Site Access:

Access Type  -- Select from Permitted (allow access to the listed sites) or Restricted (deny access to the listed sites).

Assigned Site(s)  -- Click Add to select sites for the selected user’s access / restriction. Click the icon on the right of a listed site to delete it.

Click Save to preserve a User Site Access Policy, or Close to abandon your edits.

Configure User Site Access

Follow these steps to configure User Site Access:

1. If you have not previously configured Multitenant sites, you must do so before configuring User Site Access. See How to:Create a Multitenancy Environment for step-by-step instructions about how to do that.

2. Create any user(s) for whom you want to configure access. See How to:Create new Users: for step-by-step instructions about doing that.

3. Configure those user(s) permissions. See How to:Configure Resource Level Permissions and/or How to:Configure User Site Access.

4. Right-click in the User Site Access portlet and select New.

5. In the subsequent screen, select the user whose Multitenant site access you want to configure.

6. The User Site Access Policy editor appears.

7. In the Access Type pick list, select whether you want to grant the selected user access to the sites you pick (Permitted), or you want to deny their access to the sites you select (Restricted).

8. Click the Add button with the green plus.

9. In the subsequent screen, select the site(s) your user can access or from which your user is to be excluded.

10. Click Save. The user you have configured should have access to (or be restricted from) the Multitenant sites you have configured.