Site Management

This portlet configures customer sites and organizations, including an administrative user for customer sites who can configure additional user accounts within the site. Optionally an organization can have its own website customize-able with non-standard graphics.

Rather than the contents management tasks typical for other portlets, the wrench icon in this portlet opens managing restrictions for those logging into the Multitenant environment. See Login Restrictions for more about how those work.

The search function can locate a site based on the Organization Name, Foreign Id, Authorized User or the ID. This portlet offers the following options:

Add Site -- Click the Add Site button at the top of the portlet to create a new profile. This opens the Site Management Editor with a few more options than you might see if you right click to Edit an existing profile.

After you have created a site, you can see the following in its right-click menu:

Edit -- Edit an existing Profile with the Site Management Editor.

Access Profile -- Opens the AP Editor, described in AP Editor / AP Template Editor. Use the selection pick list at the top of the editor to associate an Access Profile Template with the selected site.

To make the Access Profile customer or organization-specific, you can augment the permitted functionality in the selected template by adding shareable resources. Click the Add button.

Existing permissions from any selected Access Profile Template do not appear in the permission type totals on the left, nor are they eliminated from the available permissions that appear after you click Add.

Go to Site [New Window/Tab] -- Opens the Customer’s site in a new window or tab in your browser.

Delete -- Deletes the selected customer.

The expanded and summary portlets are the same. Columns in both include an automatically-provided ID for each customer, the Organization Name, Authoritative User (the administrator for the customer or organization), and Created which records the date the customer organization was created. See Portal > Sites / Site Templates in Control Panel below for more about site management capabilities.

Login Restrictions

The site management portlet lets you restrict access to configured network domains. Select the configuration icon (the wrench) which opens the Global Site Settings dialog.

Here the administrator can add networks that the primary site’s central domain users can login from, or exclusions of things like a proxy server within one of the permitted networks which permits external access to the web server. When attempting to login from an IP address other than of those permitted a message appears saying Login is restricted from your current IP [IP Address].

Notice that you must check Login Restrictions Enabled to begin restricting access. When you check that, global portal users can only log in from defined, permitted networks. You can also elect to Apply Login Restrictions to Portal Admin with that checkbox.