Site Management Editor

This editor lets you configure customers, site administrators and their organizations.

It has the following fields and labels:

Organization Settings

Name -- A unique name for the customer’s organization.

Foreign ID -- An optional identifier for the customer’s organization.

Screen Name Prefix -- Enter a screen prefix for the customer. The prefix must be unique within the system.The prefix is prepended to all user accounts to insure no accounts conflict across organizations. So if the customer is created with a prefix of DS, and his screen name is Mark then the user’s login is DS-Mark.

By default this field is required. If you do not want to use screen name prefixes then edit the oware/synergy/conf/ file and uncomment the following property:

Description -- Any text description for this customer.

Custom Logo (optional) -- Select a graphic. The subsequent selection screen lets you select a file, and recommends it be transparent, 50 pixels in height, and proportional in width. Once you have successfully selected and uploaded a logo, a preview appears below this label.

Initial Layout -- Select from the radio buttons. This determines the configuration for the initial screen provisioned for the customer’s site. See Portal > Site Templates and Portal > Page Templates for instructions about configuring these. To take effect, these must exist before the Customer exists.

Authoritative User

These fields configure the tenant site’s administrator. The user information entered here automatically configures a user in Redcell Synergy.

First / Last Name -- The name of the administrator.

Screen Name -- The screen name of the administrator.

Email Address -- The e-mail address of the administrator.

Password -- The administrator’s password.

Site Administrator -- This grants the user site administration privileges. These privileges let administrators add or remove users within the site, and configure pages and layouts.

When an organization's administrator assigns permissions to their users and/or user groups they are constrained by their own access permissions granted by the Multitenant site provider, ensuring that such administrators cannot grant more permissions then they have. See How to:Configure User Site Access for information about granting users access to more than one site.

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