Access Profile Templates

Data access control for Multitenant Service Providers (MSPs) is through an Access Profiles (AP), configured in these portlets as described in AP Editor / AP Template Editor, or more accurately, in that AP Template plus whatever customization you configure for Site Management when you assign it an AP.

An AP describes which entities within the system a site can access. When enforcing AP-based access, Redcell Synergy identifies applicable entities based upon the Site ID. The fundamental difference between this approach and Site ID filtering is its ability to access an entity from multiple sites. For example multiple customer sites can have access to an AP template.

This approach combined with functional permissions lets MSPs control exactly what their customers can do and what they can see. See How to: Add and Configure User Roles / Permissions of the Redcell Synergy User Guide

For example, consider a customer service offering with Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers. At the Gold level customers have access to 12 pre-defined reports and they have the ability to create their own reports from existing report templates. At the Silver level the customer only have access to the 12 per-defined reports and at Bronze level the customer can only access 3 reports, a subset of the 12.

To do this within Redcell Synergy, the MSP would create the necessary report templates and report definitions. Assume there are eight templates and 12 report definitions. At the Gold level the MSP would provide access to the eight templates and the 12 report definitions. The MSP also gives the customer the functional permission to create a report definition. At the Silver level the MSP gives the customer access to the 12 reports but no functional permission to create new reports. Since customer at the silver tier are not allowed to create report definitions there's no need to give them access to the report templates. Finally at the Bronze level the MSP provides access to the three specific reports available at that service level. In all cases, only target devices assigned to the respective sites appear in the report(s).

This portlet lets you configure the kind of access available to customers configured in the Site Management portlet.

This displays a profile’s Name, Description, and Created date by default. You can also add a column to display its Updated date. The expanded portlet displays the same columns and a Reference Tree snap-in showing connections to the selected Profile.

This portlet’s right-click menu has the following items:

New / Edit -- Create a new or edit an existing template with the AP Editor / AP Template Editor. Create Access Profiles when you assign them to sites by right-clicking in the Site Management portlet.

Delete -- Remove a selected profile.