AP Editor / AP Template Editor

These editors let you create and modify Access Profiles for single sites and Templates that may apply to several sites. To standardize access profiles across multiple customers, create a template. Right-click a site in the Site Management portlet to see the Access Profile Editor, where you can select templates. Right-click in the Access Profile Templates portlet and select New to create a template.

These profiles configure access to Redcell Synergy resources for customers configured in the Site Management portlet. Use that portlet’s right-click menu to associate Profiles with Customers.

The editor screen contains the following fields:

Template Association

This pick list contains the templates configured in Access Profile Templates portlet. This Template Association panel does not appear in the AP Template Editor.


Name -- An identifier for the Access Profile.

Description -- A text description for this Profile.

Resource Assignments

This panel displays the Type of resource on the left. To select resources of that Type, click to select it, then click the Add button over the right panel. A selector of available types of access to resources appears. Select the desired ones for the Profile, and they appear listed below the Add button. Use the icon to the right of the permission to remove it from a profile. The types of resources constrained by these templates include the following:

• Actions

• Reports

• Report Templates

• Service Policy Templates

• Service Templates

Click Save to preserve your edits, or Close to abandon them.

The access permissions configured here dictate what users can do, and can further be limited by functional permissions (see How to:Add and Configure User Roles / Permissions).

This applies to users created in the base domain as well as those created within an organization. Those capabilities include assigning permissions directly to an individual user or to a user group. Any user within the group inherits group-assigned permissions.