Install an Additional Database

To store performance data in a database other than Redcell’s default, you can modify the XML files pm-oracle-ds.xml, or pm-mysql-ds.xml, depending on whether you are using an Oracle or MySQL database, respectively. If you are doing a lot of monitoring, this improves performance.

This XML includes comments and instructions as well as the path to the zip files containing the table create scripts which you must run against the alternative database. The XML file is in $OWARE_USER_ROOT/owareapps/performance/server/conf, and the zip file is $OWARE_USER_ROOT/owareapps/performance/etc/

Essentially, you must modify the URL, username, and/or password in the XML file corresponding to the database you are using and run the create script in the oracle or mysql folder in the zip file as a user with create table privileges.

For example, to use MySQL for most database items and Oracle for performance, in owareapps/performance/server/conf, rename pm-mysql-ds.xml to pm-mysql-ds.backup, and rename pm-oracle-ds.xml to pm-mysql-ds.xml. Change the connection-url, user-name, password properties in the pm-mysql-ds.xml file to match your setup. For example:

<!-- the URL used to connect to the database -->

<!-- example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@ -->


<!-- the database driver class name. -->


<!-- database username -->


<!-- password for database user -->


Then just start up appserver and you'll be connected.