Windows Prerequisites

This application requires a temp directory on the host where it is being installed. If the install launcher cannot extract a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), then it cannot run. The launcher extracts a JVM to a temp directory and then starts the installer main using this temp JVM.

Windows typically has a temp directory, WINDOWS\temp. Installation expects that TEMP or TMP environment variable exists and points to this temp directory (check in a command shell with cd %TEMP% or cd %TMP%).

You can also execute the win_install.exe installation from a command line to override temp directory locations with this command line:

win_install.exe -is:tempdir c:\mytemp

Although it is not always necessary, during installation or uninstallation a suggested option is to disable any virus protection software, and any other running application. Some applications have additional services (like Norton Unerase) that prevent correct installation on some systems. Stop these in Services in Control Panel’s Administrative Tools.

This application cannot co-exist with other installations of Cygwin on the same Windows computer. Do not install it where Cygwin is already installed, either separately or as part of another application. If Cygwin is already installed, remove it before installing this application.

If they are present, turn off Microsoft Windows SNMP Services and Traps.