Windows Server Monitor

When you install your application as a service on Windows, you also install a server monitor. This monitor is a client to the server manager which controls starting and stopping of an application or mediation server.

Figure 3-2  Server Manager Client

Double click the tray icon to display the about panel. OK closes this dialog, but maintains the icon in the tray, while Exit closes the Server Manager (client and tray icon).

The tray icons themselves indicate the current service condition.




Offline (no status available, or not controlled by server manager)


Running (initializing, or shutting down)





You can also right-click the icon to see the client menu.

Figure 3-3  Process Monitor Client Menu

The logs item let you view logged items for Server Manager, Application Server or mediation server. You can Start or Stop the service(s) running on your host.

System changes can make the server monitor system tray icon disappear while the process is still running. If you cannot make your icon reappear, try running
pmtray -r from a command line, then restart the server monitor.