If you elect to autostart your Application Server, you can run the pmgetstatus script from a command line to see the status of Application Servers. If you run oware first (or etc/.dsienv for UNIX) in the shell where you run pmgetstatus, this script will automatically be on the path. Here is its usage (produced by typing the script name followed by -?):

Usage: pmgetstatus [-h <Server IP>] [-p <Server Port>] [-i <Iterations>

[-r <Refresh Rate>]]

Oware utility for reporting status on managed server processes. By default, the local host is queried for 1 iteration.


-h <Server IP> -- Server host IP. Defaults to local host


-p <Server Port> -- Process monitor command port.

Default loaded from


-i <Iterations> -- Number of times to repeat command, -1 is

infinite (requires Ctl-C).

-r <Refresh Rate> -- Refresh rate of iterative command in seconds.

Default is 5.

Requires -i option.

-? -- Show this help.