Linux / Solaris Prerequisites

If you are installing on Linux / Solaris, you must log in as a non-root user. Linux / Solaris installation prompts you to run some additional scripts as root during the installation process.

Do not log in as root and su to a non-root user. Make sure your login automation does not do this either. This causes problems, particularly with upgrades.

When installing to Linux / Solaris, ensure you are installing as a user with the correct permissions, and are in the correct group. You must configure the installation directory so this user and group have all permissions (770, at least). You may install without any universal (“world”) permissions. However, you must create a home directory for the installing user.

All files created during installation respect a umask of 007. All files from [operating system].jar are 770. Files from ocpinstall -x are set for 660. Bin scripts from ocpinstall -x are 770.

Best practice is to install as the user designated as DBA. If necessary, create the appropriate user and login as this user for running the install program. The installing user must have create privileges for the target directory. By default, this directory is /opt/dorado.

Linux sometimes installs a MySQL database with the operating system. Before you install this application, remove any MySQL if it exists on your Linux machine. Make sure to remove or rename the my.cnf file for that previous installation. If it is on the path, it can interfere with the correct operation of Redcell Synergy.

To set the environment correctly for command line functions, after installation, type oware (or . /etc/.dsienv in UNIX--[dot][space]/etc/[dot]dsienv) before running the specified command.
Also: This application can run on any Linux / Solaris desktop environment (CDE, KDE, Gnome, and so on) but the installer will only install shortcuts for CDE.

Installation is not supported on some abbreviated Solaris versions. For example if the whoami command does not exist on the installed Solaris operating system, you cannot install this application.