Mediation Server Subnets

For other Mediation server-initiated Redcell functions like provisioning, configuration, backup, restoration, compliance monitoring, and so on, you can optionally assign Mediation servers to a management subnet on an installation screen.

Figure 3-1  

When Redcell initiates communication to a Network Element in the assigned subnet, the Application Server attempts to use the Mediation server for that subnet. Application Server(s) update their list of active Mediation servers every 15 seconds. When Redcell needs to communicate to a device that is on a subnet without an assigned Mediation server, it uses the first Mediation server on the Active Mediation server list. If for some reason a device does not respond to a Mediation server, the Application Server try the next Mediation server on the Active list. During installation Accept or alter the subnet mask for this agent. By default the subnet mask is This mask represents the portion of the network serviced by this agent.

If you want to change this subnet later, the file (in owareapps\installprops\lib\) has a oware.mediation.subnet.mask property that you can re-make (and then restart the mediation server).

Mediation request routing supports explicit configuration of device scope managed per mediation server partition.