Routing Behavior

Each mediation request made by the application is routed to a server for execution. The routing is based on the IP address of the device to be communicated with. The logic of this routing is as follows:

--Is the target IP already in a mediation server's device list?

yes - Is the same mediation server still available?

yes - Use the same agent

--If no agent yet determined

For each available mediation server...

For each ip;mask pair (default and additional config),

calculate network address from IP and mask

calculate network address from device IP and mask

Do they match?

yes - add mediation server to preferred agent list

Were any preferred agents found?

yes - use the least loaded agent from preferred list

add device IP to the agent's device list (use same server next time)

replicate agent device list within application server cluster

--If no agent yet determined

Is the local application server configured to do mediation?

yes - use the local server (not “sticky”)

no - execution of mediation request will fail