Starting the Application

In Windows, use the shortcuts in the Start button menu to start an Application Server or mediation server, and (after the Application Server has a few minutes to start) the application itself. Right-clicking an Apache icon lets you start and stop the web server.

Start UNIX applications after logging out, and logging back in either from the installed icon on the desktop, or from a command line. You must log out and re-log in after installation for desktop icons to function in Solaris.

Newer web services are disabled by default. They can be enabled by adding this line to $OWARE_USER_ROOT/owareapps/installprops/lib/

These are automatically available when the dnc.ocp is installed. From version 7.0.0 forward, “legacy” web services are disabled by default. You can enable them by adding the following to $OWARE_USER_ROOT/owareapps/install­props/lib/

Disabling Legacy Web Services Enhances Performance.

The following command lines all assume you run oware or . /etc/.dsienv before running them, to set the environment correctly. The commands:



Starting Linux / Solaris Installations

The operating system prompts user redcell for the root password for the following command lines:

$service oware start

$service synergy start

No such prompt appears for root user:

#service oware start

#service synergy start

In /etc/init.d, you can run the following:

#./oware start

#./synergy start

When you have autostart enabled, to start appserver and process monitor:

$startpm &

To stop appserver and process monitor


When process monitor is running, you can check the appserver status


To stop the application server process only


To start the appserver again when process monitor is already running:


To start the Java client, type redcell after you have set the oware environment.

You cannot run a mediation server and an Application Server on the same host. If no separate mediation servers are detected, the Application Server will act as a mediation server.

If a mediation server fails to start up with an ENetworkFailure, delete all files in the oware\temp directory manually to successfully start the mediation server.

If either application server or mediation server fails to start, particularly after an interruption in service, like a power failure, delete this directory’s contents: oware\jboss*\server\oware\data

When you license new features, you must restart the application server, or wait a few minutes before application server detects them.