startappserver / stopappserver Command Lines

Both stopappserver and startappserver scripts may require username / passwords as parameters, if you have an installation that requires a password. To see the syntax of either of these scripts, append -? to them on a command line. Here is the help output from stopappserver:

~/:stopappserver -?

Usage(1): stopappserver server_url [-u username] [-p password]

Usage(2): stopappserver server_url password

example - stopappserver localhost:1099 -u OWAdmin -p secret

example - stopappserver localhost:1099 secret

If omitted, username will be assumed to be OWAdmin.

If omitted, password will be assumed to be blank.

If no arguments are provided, server_url will be assumed to be localhost:1099.

By default, these scripts assume the OWAdmin user and a blank password, so if you have changed the default password for OWAdmin, you must pass it to stopappserver.