Installing Server Manager

The installprocman script is in $OWARE_USER_ROOT/oware/bin. The script takes several parameters.


-i install service"

-r remove service"

-d set dependency on MySql service (-i only)"

-n Name assign a custom display name (-i only)"

If you are installing the service on a host which houses both the MySQL database and application server you should execute the script with the -i and -d flags (installprocman -i -d).

If you are installing the service on a host which has only application server (MySQL is distributed to another host) the script should be executed with on the -i flag (installprocman -i).

The -n flag allows you to define a Custom display name for the service.

Installation of Process Monitor System Tray Icon

To ensure the Process Monitor System Tray icon appears each time the system is restarted simply add the $OWARE_USER_ROOT/oware/bin/pmtray.exe binary to the all users startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).

Update pmstartup.dat

Finally, modify the property in $OWARE_USER_ROOT/oware/lib/pmstartup.dat and change the default value from false to true. Once complete, reboot the system and the application server automatically starts and the system tray icon automatically appears in the user's startup folder.