Web Server Parameters

When you install Redcell Synergy, installation also includes an Apache Web server. Its monitor appears in the Windows tray, but you can also configure memory parameters for the web server in the setenv.* files under oware/synergy/tomcat*/bin.

The web server starts automatically with installation. If it does not, you can right-click the Synergy Network Management icon in Windows and select Start Service, or in Linux type the following in a shell: /etc/init.d/synergy start (or stop). In Unix systems, startportal.sh and startportal.sh stop accomplish the same thing, with additional checks.

For example:


-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m


set "PORTAL_MAX_MEM=1024"

set "PORTAL_32BIT_MAX_MEM=768"


Set only MAX_MEM and the INIT_MEM. Higher values permit better performance and more users, especially on 64bit machines. Do not change the other settings.

Best practice on a 64bit system: 2048 for the MAX_MEM and 256 for the INIT_MEM. If you have a lot of extra ram then specify more.

Any database parameters for Web server installation refer to the system’s existing database.