Web Portal Installation

By selecting one of the custom installation options during the installation process, you can install Redcell Synergy’s web server on a separate machine. This is particularly desirable if you plan to support a larger number of web clients (see System Basics for sizing information).

When you install a separate web server, installation assumes you have already installed the application server, and can supply its IP Address / Hostname, a port where web server communicates with application server, and a heap size for this server. The default heap is 1G, but you can configure a larger heap to support more clients. The default port is 8089. Make sure no firewall restricts communication between application server and web server on this port.

Since the web portal needs a database, installing web portal also means you must select the database type (MySQL or Oracle) and location host and port number. The port default: 3306.

As in the Complete installation, Web server starts automatically once installation is complete. Right-click the Apache Web server icon to Configure it (heap size, for example), Start and Stop this service.

You can change the appserver IP reference in the portal-ext.properties (location: \oware\synergy\tomcat-x.x.xx\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes).

The URL for the portal itself on port 8080 on any IP address where it is installed, including if you access it from the host where the web server itself is installed.