Portal > Site Templates

Multitenancy uses Site Templates configured in Control Panel to configure new tenant sites. You can select a Site Template or Page Template when you create a new tenant site. The following describes how to create a new Site Template.

Make A Site Template

1. Navigate to Control Panel

2. Click the Portal > Site Templates link.

3. Click Add to create a new site template. Notice that, in addition to configuring the Site Template’s Name and Description, you can check to make a template Active, and to Allow Site Administrators to Modify the Pages Associated with this Site Template at the bottom of the New screen.

4. Save the new template.

5. Click the Actions button to the right of listed templates to Edit, Manage Pages, View Pages, configure portal Permissions, or Delete a selected template.

The Permissions configurable here are for the portal, not Redcell Synergy, permissions. Use Portal > Roles to configure those. See Access Profile Templates for more about configuring them on multitenant types.

6. Click Manage Pages to see the tenant site’s page setup in tree form on the left, and more editor options on the right and center (for example, alter the look and feel, Logo and so on)[

7. Click Add Page to create a new page. These pages appear below the root node on the tree at the left, but you can drag and drop them to a new location.

8. After you configure the page layout(s) as you like, including the Logo, and color scheme, you can preview them by clicking the View Pages button at the top of the editor screen. This opens the new configuration in a new browser tab.

9. To configure portlets on these pages, simply use the Add > Applications menu item. When you re-open the Site Template, the portlets appear as you have configured them.

10. Notice that you can also Import a variety of settings from an exported LAR file with the button at the top right of the screen if you want pages that nearly duplicate each other. Notice also that you can Export / Import these Site Templates with the buttons at the top of the editor.

11. Click a page in the tree on the left to expose editing capabilities for that page, including its Look and Feel and Layout (columns) with links that appear on the right. Notice that you can also Copy Portlets from Page to copy the portlet setup from an already-configured page in this Site Template.