JMX Console

The JMX Console is for advanced administration of an active server. Once your application server is running, access this console in a browser at this URL: http://<localhost name>:8089/jmx-console. See Troubleshooting with JMX Console for a brief summary of messages you can look for.

You must log in to access the console. The default login is admin, with password dorado. You can configure these passwords and the default role in the files described below. The first file is this:


Sample contents:

# A sample file for use with the UsersRolesLoginModule


The second file is this:


Its contents:

# A sample file for use with the UsersRolesLoginModule


Once enter the URL, the console appears.

Figure G-1  JMX Console

You can filter the classes in the field below the server name. Enter your filter (and wildcards), and click the Apply Filter button. For example oware* retrieves all classes that begin with oware.

The console has links to application server classes you can use the browser to tune. After you click a link to a class, a list of its attributes and operations appears. The far right column in the attributes listed describes them. If you want to use a method in the listed object, put parameters in the appropriate fields and click Invoke to activate it.

The console lists the following available classes This application is built on Oware™ classes. The Oware section of the console lists the available objects.