You can customize the installation content in setup screens of Redcell by setting installation properties and creating a new installation package/bundle here at Dorado. The customized installation bundle would then be delivered to the customer. In order to brand the Redcell installation model the following information needs to be provided to Dorado if they are to be modified from the defaults.

Product Name

Copyright information

Default Target Directory--The default directory where the product gets installed. Although Redcell can install on both Windows and UNIX, For Windows installations you can customize the name, the path (the Start Menu folder) and the icons. In UNIX installations, you can customize only the name and icon.

Website URL

Software Registry Key

Server Manager Display Name

System Requirements

End User License Agreement (the license agreement text to be displayed for the installing user)

DB Server Upgrade Message

Heap Size -- The heap panel in the installer can be customized with the installation template. Now a package can add HeapSizeMessage=The message and the panel will display “The Message” from the setup.ini.