Application Server

When managing larger systems, the application server often runs on a dedicated workstation, but basic installation puts all components on a single server. Clients do not run if they cannot connect to an application server. Instead, a warning appears and the clients shut down.

If a Java client loses connection to the application server (for example, if the application server restarts) a Connection Lost dialog appears. Click Re-start to reestablish the connection to the application server.

When the Application Server finishes loading, the application server log displays Rule Load Complete. On Solaris, once the Application Server starts, the name of the log file appears in its shell. To see logged progress, use this command:

tail -f <logname>

After you see this message you can start clients.

Clients may need two or three minutes to reestablish an application server connection if the server fails and goes down. You can also restart clients to reconnect them to the application server.

Web server and application server restarts may cure problems connecting when you are using web client.