Synergy + HA Load Balancer

Redcell Synergy’s web server(s) is (are) between application servers and clients. To add high availability-like capabilities a web served application system, you may use a Synergy + HA Load Balancer, either between the web servers and application servers, or between clients and web servers (as in Non-Distributed HA or HA Distributed Cluster). See Configuring Load Balancer for recommendations in the context of an installation.

Any load balancer can serve as a Web or Application server load balancer, but Dorado supports the following configurations:

• Dorado Software proprietary appliance with HA proxy pre-installed.

• Dorado Software's VMware VM instance pre-configured with HA Proxy

Both options include Dorado Software's simplified user interface configuration software.

Load Balancer recommended hardware (or equivalent)

Configure your hardware based on the expected number of connection per second:

• Less than 10000 connection/ sec 1 GB RAM, 2GB HD, Atom processor

• Up to 20000 connections/sec 4 GB ram, 10GB HD, Core DUO processor.

Deployments vary based on application usage, system availability and redundancy needs. Deployment recommendations depend on system sizing factors discussed in the Sizing section.

Refer to Single Server Sizing for hardware recommendations.

Example Configuration

The configuration described below is for a web server-to-application server cluster setup. These use port 8089 as proxy. Application servers use port 8089 for Synergy client connections. If proxied web servers Synergy+HA use port 8080 instead.

The screen that appears after boot up displays current config and status info. For example:

Listen Address

Destination Servers,

And an option for <Advanced Menu> appears too:

Advanced Menu

Networking Configure appliance networking

HA Configure Synergy+HA settings

Reboot Reboot Synergy+HA

Shutdown Shutdown Synergy+HA

Networking Menu

Some status information appears at the top of this screen. This lists the current IP, netmask, and gateway.

Current IP:



Configuration mode is static IP

DHCP config

Static IP config

Those menu selections lead to sub-menus where you can set these parameters. Best practice is to use Static IP.

HA Menu

Destination #1

Destination #2

Destination #3

License Upgrade: Load Balancer Installed

Currently, you can upgrade Redcell Synergy license only when load balancer targets one web server. Connect to the web server IP directly and then register the license, or register licenses from the command line. See Installing Licensing for more about that topic.