Upgrade 1st/Primary Application Server

1. Upgrade 1st/Primary Application Server

a. Get environment variables set up (here, for Solaris):

. /etc/.dsienv

b. Note the current installed.properties (database pass­word needs to be given to the appserver installations)

c. Install software:

1. chmod +x sol_install.sh

2. ./sol_install.sh -console

3. Then follow Redcell Installer steps.

When upgrading Application and Mediation Servers using the ./solinstall.sh step, you must have root password to install the boot scripts and define the openFD_solaris file with root ownership and permissions of 4550.

d. Get updated environment variables:

. /etc/.dsienv

e. On Primary Application Server Only:

1. Execute post install script (primary appserver only):


2. Import new package's license (primary appserver only):

licenseimporter license.xml

f. Start Redcell processes:


You can routinely check the startup status with the com­mand:


g. Verify installed versions using showversions output and capture/save the output to a file for later reference. For example:

showeversions > showversions.<Month>.<Day>.<Year>.txt