Installing Remaining Application and Web Servers

Most of the following instructions are the same as those above. Some of those previous steps are unnecessary, and do not appear below.

1. Add the execute permission to the installation script:

chmod +x linux_install.bin

then execute ./linux_install.bin

2. Select Custom installation.

3. Select Application Server + Web Portal

4. For Linux, choose the Link Folder (use default)

5. Specify the application server partition previously selected, and select Yes for Auto Start.

6. Specify Application Server heap and Portal Heap.

7. Specify config server IP. Use the lowest IP address among application servers.

8. Select Database Type: Oracle

9. Specify your Oracle database information.

10. After reviewing the summary, click on Install.

11. For Linux, run the command /opt/dorado/install/root/ as root, and then click Next.

12. Select No when installer asks Start the server now?

13. Run /etc/init.d/synergy stop as root to shutdown web server.

14. Test the database connection with pingbd

15. Modify file and tomcat-server.xml as in the original installation.

16. Modify xml file as in the original

17. Start the application server with the command #/etc/init.d/oware start

18. When the application server is ready, start the web server with #etc/init.d/synergy start

19. Login to the current web server, Go to Control Panel > Server > Server Administration and click Execute for Reindex all search indexes.