Validate Mediation server1

On one of server, go to directory /opt/dorado/oware/jboss-5.1 /server/oware/log, open a shell, type /etc/.dsienv (or oware in Windows), and then type tail -f server.log.

Observe when one other member goes down/up by unplug/re-plug the machine cable or (disable/re-enable network connection).

You can also observe medserver status within the Mediation panel in Control Panel. When a mediation server goes down you should see its severity turns to Critical.

  1. When devices try to use mediation servers, the mediation cluster assigns that mediation server to the device using a round-robin method. The same mediation server handles that device thereafter. To see which medserver the device is using, enable debug on all mediation servers. See the Redcell Synergy User Guide for instructions about how to do that.