The following sections describe hardware recommended for the above example.


Virtualized environments require shared storage. This example assumes an external storage array that serves this environment. The internal disks on these servers could be used as shared storage with a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA).

• Dell EqualLogic PS6110 Series Array (requirements would determine model)

While shared storage may be necessary for the example’s infrastructure to work, Redcell Synergy’s heavy reliance on its database might allow for less robust or alternative storage solutions--for example, internal storage with a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA). This might translate into hardware saving.

The specific hardware models mentioned here are subject to change without notice.


The consolidated workloads require higher capacity servers.

• Dell PowerEdge R910

• Processor 4 x Intel E7 (10 core) => 40 threads

• Memory 256 GB (1.5TB Max)

• Storage 2 x 300 GB 15K 6G SAS (depends on external storage)

• Network 2 x 10 GB port + 2 x 1 GB (estimated)

(Specific configuration recommendations are available)


This configuration assumes appropriate network hardware infrastructure for 10 GB connectivity between servers, storage, and so on. Evaluate any available connectivity for its impact on the system.

Virtualization Software

This configuration is based on VMware hypervisor and management software offerings.