HTTPS Support with Load Balancer

The industry norm is to configure the load balancer to handle SSL Offloading (SSL Termination). In this configuration SSL secures communication from the client browser to the load balancer/firewall, but communication from the load balancer / firewall to the web servers is not. There are a number of benefits to this type of configuration, the most prominent being ease of management, since users only have to purchase and manage one certificate per load balancer instead of one per web server. Performance also improves since the individual web servers are not impacted with encryption/decryption overhead.

To configure Load Balancer to support a secure web connection, additional properties need to instruct the portal that a front end termination point exists. To do this, in the oware/synergy/conf/ add the following:

# The HTTPS Port that the load balancer is listening to, Default is 8443


# The Protocol used by the load balancer


# The Port that Synergy is listening on


After setting these properties, restart Redcell Synergy. You can fully login and use the Portal in SSL on 8443 even though the server is running on 8080 internally, before it reaches load balancer.