Enabling Strict Host Key Checking

To enable strict host key checking you need to configure a host entry in the SSH configuration file setting StrictHostKeyChecking to yes. The default SSH configuration file located in $OWARE_USER_ROOT/owareapps/ezmediation/lib/default_ssh_config. Make a copy of this file, renaming it to ssh_config. In the copied file set the property StrictHostKeyChecking to yes for example.


Host *

StrictHostKeyChecking yes


To specify settings for a specific host the entry would look something like



StrictHostKeyChecking yes


Comments at beginning of configuration file describe other options.

You must do this change on each mediation server and on each application server if they are providing mediation services.

Once you have enabled strict host key checking you may see an error dialog that indicates host key rejection. (Message: SSH Host Key rejected for [user] against [host IP address] using SSH v2) This indicates that you need to update your known_hosts file.