Troubleshooting SSH

To trouble shoot SSH configuration issues and host keys debug output can be helpful. Turn on log4j debug for com.dorado.mediation.cli and you should see debug that looks something like the following (d:\Dorado is $OWARE_USER_ROOT in this example):


loading SSH config from 'd:\dorado\owareapps\ezmediation\lib\ssh_config'

loading host '*'

adding property 'compression.s2c' = 'none'

adding property 'compression.c2s' = 'none'

adding property 'StrictHostKeyChecking' = 'no'

Loaded SSH Config:

Host '*'

StrictHostKeyChecking 'no'

compression.s2c 'none'

compression.c2s 'none'


Host keys in d:\dorado\.ssh\known_hosts

--> ssh-rsa 90:b7:2a:e0:64:30:6a:74:9c:e8:7b:75:61:48:52:7b

--> ssh-rsa 54:ca:2b:41:83:41:9b:d8:df:b9:a3:59:73:b2:28:0c