Password Policy

Administrators can set password policies for the application in the Control Panel’s Portal > Password Policies editor. Password policies define enterprise level security measures which include user lockout and password expiration. Administrators can define policies here or delegate these to an LDAP server (see the Redcell Synergy User Guide for how to enable LDAP).

Either edit the password policy or create a new one in this panel. Check a capability to see additional editor fields. In the Password Policies editor, you can configure the following:

General -- Whether the password is changeable, and a reset interval, if needed.

Password Syntax Checking -- Includes Dictionary Words, Minimum Alpha Numeric count, Minimums for length, lower case, numbers, symbols and upper case letters in the password.

Password History -- Count the number of passwords before repeating at reset.

Password Expiration -- The duration of passwords before reset. This also configures a warning and grace period.

Lockout -- Count the number of failures, and their duration, as well as the duration of the lockout.