Installing Device Drivers

Although ddbase.ddp is often automatically installed, the example here is instructive even if the name of the ddp file may change.

Install the base driver as you would any other device driver; enter the following command (from a command line in the directory in which the.ddp file is located):

ocpinstall -x <ddp_file>

ocpinstall -l <ddp_file>

ocpinstall -s <ddp_file>

where <ddp_file> is the name of the device driver file you are installing. For example, to install the base device driver, you would enter

ocpinstall -x ddbase.ddp

ocpinstall -l ddbase.ddp

ocpinstall -s ddbase.ddp

Repeat for your specific device driver(s). See also the following section for more about add-on installations.

When installing to Oracle, use loaddb -p -s instead of ocpinstall -l.