Database Emergency E-mail

To send an e-mail notification to emergency support contacts, if the Redcell database becomes unavailable do the following:

1. In the file owareapps/installprops/lib/ add the following property:


2. Ensure that the following Email MBean properties are set:




The emergenyContacts attribute is a comma-separated list of e-mail addresses for the recipients of emergency notifications. The following describes where to set these:

Open the file $OWARE_USER_ROOT/oware/jboss-x.x.x/owareconf/oware-service.xml in a text editor. The following section contains the configuration for the email MBean:

<!-- Email MBean -->

<!-- Change the SMTP Host attribute below to point to the right SMTP server -->

<mbean code="com.dorado.mbeans.OWEmailMBean"


<attribute name="SMTPHost"></attribute>

<attribute name="Port">25</attribute>

<attribute name="UserName"></attribute>

<attribute name="EmergencyContacts"></attribute>

<attribute name="DefaultSenderAddress"></attribute>

<attribute name="MaxRatePerMinute">200</attribute>





This file’s settings override the Graphical User Interface settings for mail described in the Properties chapter of the Common Services Guide.