Troubleshooting with JMX Console

Several classes within the JMX Console display useful information for troubleshooting, particularly if you have clustered application or mediation servers. Here are the classes:

service=ClusterPrimaryDesignator -- Valuable to see if all hosts are connected to the cluster, and several other application server properties. Attributes like currentView show the active application servers. This class provides additional information about the cluster that can help with diagnosing initial configuration problems.

service=JMSMBEAN -- Supplies JMS information.

service=LoadedRuleExecMBEAN --This MBean provides Async execution of rules on this server. It can display loaded rule information, among other things.

Service=MedServerTrackerMBean -- Select java.lang.String.listAgentContents(). Part of the results return the mediation server partitions, listing the mediation servers included in that partition.