Database Aging Policies (DAP)

DAP policies automatically purge or archive stale data so the database can maintain its capacity. Several pre-defined and pre-seeded DAPs come with Redcell Synergy. These are scheduled to start at specific times--see the schedule manager for specifics about when.

DAPs are preventative maintenance measures since they help to maintain the database. Best practice is to do the following regularly:

1. In the Audit Trail Manager, create a Filter for Creation Date = prior Month and Action = DAP Executed.

2. Review the records for Status – Failed. These indicate that a DAP job failed. As long as the following DAP jobs execute, no immediate action is required. If any DAPs are repeatedly failing, then consult the troubleshooting document or Dorado Software support.

3. Review the DAP jobs entries and compare to the scheduled DAP start times. Confirm that audit records are displaying a corresponding audit record for each scheduled execution.