Recommended Operating System Versions

Disable firewall products during initial installation and testing. The following are recommended operating system versions:

Microsoft Windows -- This application supports most Windows operating systems from Windows XP forward, with their latest service packs, with the exception of Windows 2003. The supported operating systems are: Windows XP (Pro) SP3 or later, Windows Vista (Business or Ultimate), Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Edition, 64-bit, Windows 7 (Business or better), and Windows 2012. Right-click the installer in Disk1\InstData and run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Vista when installing on 2012.

Windows Terminal Server is not supported. The installer becomes non-responsive with Data Execution Prevention enabled. This option is disabled by default on Windows Server 2008, but is enabled on a Windows Server 2008 machine running Terminal Server.

Also: You must disable User Access Control (UAC) if you are installing on Vista or Windows Server 2008. Right click the user icon when you open the start menu to do this.

Also: Installer may halt when pre-existing bash sessions or cmd sessions left are open. Close all such sessions.

Finally: In Vista, you must either to disable User Account Control or run application server as service. Another option is to run as administrator on startappserver. In Vista, right click the startappserver icon and select run as administrator.

To manage Windows systems--in single server deployments, you must install this application on a Windows host. In distributed deployments, a mediation server installed on Windows must communicate to managed Windows systems.

Linux -- This application supports Red Hat (Enterprise version 5.5, 6.0 or 6.2) Linux. See 32-bit Linux Libraries for some additional requirements. Also supported: CentOS 6.2. See Install Redcell Synergy on CentOS 6.2 for installation tips.

Solaris --  v10 (64-bit only)

This application cannot install on Solaris where only a Core System Support Solaris installation exists. Solaris must have at least an End User System level installation before the application can install.

Because of the kind of processing required by application servers, modern architecture processors are best for them. Previous generation SPARC processors do not perform as well at these tasks as the Intel or AMD x86 processors. The newer SPARC 4 may perform as well as Intel Xeon, but Dorado Software has done no comparison testing to confirm its performance. Based on current testing, the x86 processors perform far better than equivalent generation SPARC processors and are less costly. Therefore, we recommend x86 processors on Linux or Windows for application servers. Web or mediation servers are not as processor-dependent so either x86 or SPARC works for those servers.

VMware -- Redcell Synergy supports the above operating systems on VMware virtual machines. We test Redcell Synergy primarily on Windows 2008R2 and Redhat on virtual machines. For a more extensive discussion of using VMware, see .

The Redcell Synergy installer does not validate operating systems, so it allows installation on unsupported operating systems.