Memory Tuning (Heap)

You can adjust the memory footprint of any installed server’s virtual machine (VM) by configuring it in the Heap configuration installation screen that appears during some installations. Within some limits, using more memory, if it is available, generally means better performance. Launching a server without sufficient memory produces the following error: Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap.

You can re-set these after installation too, with the following properties in \owareapps\installprops\lib\installed.prop­erties:



For Solaris valid settings are, at a minimum 1024m, and go up to a maximum of half the available total RAM. For Windows and Linux valid settings range from 512m to 1024m.

While you can enter any number within these constraints, the following are values that are supported during upgrade. Other values are ignored during upgrade and you must choose again from supported value list during installation/upgrade. Upgrade-able values for Windows or Linux: 512m, 768m, and 1024m. For Solaris: 1024m, 2048m, 3072m, 4096m, 5120m, 6144m, 7168m, and 8192m.

To manually change Redcell Synergy web portal heap settings, change the or setenv.bat file:


set "PORTAL_MAX_MEM=3072m"

set "PORTAL_INIT_MEM=768m"

set "PORTAL_32BIT_MAX_MEM=768m"

These files are in the Tomcat***/bin directory.