Protocol Flows

The following network protocol flows represent the application’s interactions with Network Devices (for example: Dell Powerconnect). The (N) in these lines identifies dynamic port assignments. Often, several communication flows are established to a specified static port so N can represent several dynamic ports. This list also outlines alternative flows for JBoss and SONIC (clustered) JMS activation.

This does not identify time service flows like ntp that can manage the time on the servers.

The following were changes to a standard installation done for the sake of measuring the protocol flows. In the J2EE Naming Service: the RMIPort was changed to 31310. Also, (turns off mediation v2 services on application server) was changed: mediation true->false. This essentially disables mediation on the application server.

The following is the installation that produced the listed protocol flows: Full Application Server Installation, Custom Mediation Installation, toggling off 2 (MySQL) and 5 (App Server). The client was a simple client installation.