Double-Byte Characters

Properties files must be in escaped unicode for the properties to appear in a double-byte character set. Follow these steps to create properties files in the correct format:

1. Open an editor that is UTF-8 capable.

Notepad UTF-8 files do not work since notepad inserts a Byte Order Mark at the beginning of UTF8 streams.

2. Using any available double-byte character entry method enter in the properties in the text editor.

3. Save the file as UTF8 - No Signature.

4. Convert this file to unicode-escaped ANSI format. To do this run the Java utility native2ascii.

5. You must specify the source and target file in the command. See example below:

native2ascii -encoding UTF8

The above is just an example make sure the final file is named appropriately to match the Oware naming standard described above. This file will display double-byte characters on double-byte versions of Windows.