Language Portlet

The Language portlet displays flags indicating languages available for many non-Redcell Synergy portlets and menus.

Click a flag to change menus and titles to the related language.

Localize Events Easily

If your events’ MIB is in a language you want translated, the MIB description of the event will be in English. The following is an easy way to overcome this difficulty:

1. Right-click the event in Alarms, or Event History, and click Details to see the MIB text.

2. Click and drag to select the text, and copy it to the clipboard. Paste it into your favorite translation site (here

3. Copy the translated text the same way you copied the MIB original.

4. Return to Event History, and right-click, selecting Edit.

5. Paste the translated text into the Advisory Text field.

6. Clic‘k the Save button. Now this advisory text appears in the Alarm’s Details panel.

Advisory Text only appears in the Details of Alarms, not Events.

Other steps for events that do not appear in Event History:

1. Note the MIB name for the event you want to localize. For example, the lldpRemTablesChange event is in LLDP-MIB.

2. Right-click any resource in Managed Resources portlet. Select Direct Access > MIB Browser.

3. Locate the MIB note connected to the event, and click it and the MIB Information tab of the MIB browser.

4. The MIB Description appears in the MIB Information panel, and you can copy and translate it, then insert it into the Event Definition as described in the previous set of steps.