Resource Bundles

You can localize some of Redcell’s text not in Message Files (described below), but in resource bundles. Resource bundles let you localize static labels and button text on forms. These resource bundles are in .jar files, and load automatically based on the locale settings on the operating system where you install Redcell. See Message Properties Files for more about file naming.

Resource bundles exist in msgs.jar files like owareapps\red­cell\lib\rc­form_msgs.jar. The msgs.jar portion of this filename is common to all existing resource bundles.

The resource bundle for each form contains an ASCII properties file in the same directory as the form class. For example, “form_A” in package “com.driver” would be named:


This contains text like:

#Resource bundle for Oware form com.driver.form_A


lblName.tooltipt=Enter your name here

To localize this resource bundle into “Spanish/Mexican,” the resource bundle for form_A in package com.driver, would be an ASCII properties file in the same directory as the form class, and would be named:

With text like:

#Resource bundle for Oware form com.driver.form_A


lblName.tooltipt= Incorpore su nombre aquí

By default, a blank follows the equal sign, and the form displays the text specified when it was created. To override the default, add your text after the equal sign, and create your own .jar with that modified file, named as specified in Message Properties Files. Note that not only the .properties files must follow this convention, you must also name the .jar file containing them to reflect the locale.

When users open Java clients, the settings of the operating system where that client is installed determines the locale. For web clients, the locale is based on the server locale not the client.