A primary means of determining physical links


Obtains identification information for device

lldpLocChassisIdSubtype -- used to understand format of chassis ID


lldpLoPortTable -- obtain identification information for physical ports

lldpLocPortNum -- obtained from oid instance

lldpLocPortIdSubtype -- used to understand format of ID

lldpLocPortId -- Maps to port in Redcell model. Must be unique per device, expected to map to ifIndex, IfName, ifDescr or MAC address for physical port recorded in Redcell model

lldpLocPortDes -- optionally used to map to port in Redcell model


Used to understand other end of link for physical port on device

lldpRemLocalPortNum -- obtained from oid instance and mapped to port by way of local port table

lldpRemChassisIdSubtype -- used to understand format of chassis ID

lldpRemChassisId -- identifies the remote device

lldpRemPortIdSubtype -- used to understand the format of the Port ID

lldpRemPortId -- identifies the remote port on the remote device for other end of the link