Multitenancy lets you manage your customers’ networks from a central Redcell Synergy system while at the same time providing customers with secure access to their specific resources. Redcell Synergy does this with a two-tiered customer multitenant service provider (MSP) model, assigning each customer a specific security domain for their specific resources. Redcell Synergy then restricts access to the domain to the customer or a member of the MSP domain See also Multitenant Batch Imports in the next section.

Multitenancy is a Redcell Synergy extension. See Extensions and Helpset / WAR Updates for installation instructions for this option. See the Installation Guide guide for instructions about installing extensions.

Multitenant Batch Imports

You can import items Discovery Profiles, Authentications Containers and Contacts to target multitenant domains with a command line importer. The command is import[item], for example importprofiles, and these commands are in the owareapps/redcell/bin directory. These commands take the import file name as an argument. The required domains should be available in the Redcell Synergy system before import occurs. Import authentications before importing discovery profiles that refer to them. Example XML files with the <customer> tag for domains are in owareapps/redcell/db.