Oracle Failover

Oracle RAC is a clustering solution from Oracle that allows this application to communicate with a database cluster using one service name. This also provides failover and load balancing.

• Oracle versions that support RAC: or newer. In an RAC configuration, all nodes access a single database. Dorado applications built with Oware 6.0.2 and later support Oracle RAC. See Oracle Version Support.

• RAC requires specific hardware and Cluster Manager software to run. Refer to Oracle’s instructions for installing this feature.

• You need apply any schema changes only once for RAC regardless of the number of nodes accessing the database.

To support RAC, you must manually configure the property com.dorado.ora­cle.rac.con­nect.url listed in the file, in addition to all existing oracle properties. See Oracle RAC File for information about that file.

The property defines a database connection URL used by the JBoss connection pool at application server startup. This property defines the following configurable attributes:

Address List -- A list of database servers in the RAC cluster.

Failover -- On/Off

Load Balancing -- On/Off

Dedicated Server -- On/Off

Service Name -- This is a Global Database Name and not a SID.

The Oracle 10g jdbc jar is included in the Oware classpath by default (in oware/lib3rd). This is backward compatible with Oracle 9i. Modify the RAC property by overriding it in the owareapps/installprops/ file. Make sure the URL is well-formed, with the brackets that appear in the sample property in the oware/lib/ file. See Oracle Version Support for more about the JDBC driver.