Common Problems

The following are common problems you may want to check as part of your troubleshooting routine:

• Firewalls may interfere with necessary communication between elements within or monitored by this application. Best practice is to bring the firewall down, install, then once you have confirmed the installation runs, bring the firewall up with the appropriate ports open. (See Resolving Port Conflicts, also see Ports Used and Ports and Application To Exclude from Firewall.)

• When you use the NetConfig option, the internal FTP/TFTP server is provided for testing, not production. External FTP servers are preferable to internal, for performance reasons, and, if necessary, the network equipment using FTP to send/receive configuration files must have it enabled.

• Do not install as the default Administrator user in Windows XP.

• Oracle users must have a database administrator configure their Oracle application before installing Redcell to use an Oracle database.

The following sections describe more troubleshooting topics.