More Common Problems

Check connectivity to non-responsive equipment with a command shell (use ping, or telnet/ssh). Ensure your firewall is not blocking network access to equipment you are trying to discover.

Device O/S Overrides

The device driver installed must support the Operation System version on that device. Verify the equipment’s firmware and operating systems are among those supported. Supported firmware and operating systems appear listed in the release notes.

Network Failure

When the network connection fails--for example, if you unplug network cable-- the server loses its IP connection and the application server fails (server monitor may go yellow). Workaround: After reconnecting the network, stop and restart the application server.

Override driver-unsupported operating systems for the Juniper devices in /owareapps/juniper/lib/ Change

This revision will not support new features. Other device drivers have similar override mechanisms for others.

If devices appear in Managed Resources as Discovered Entities, rather than specific vendors’ devices. This can mean the following:

• The equipment’s driver not installed

• The driver installed but not seeded to database

• Monitored devices must be configured to connect and send SNMP traps to the element management system.

If only top level equipment is discovered, this can mean the following:

• No components exist in Managed Resources.

• An incorrect telnet/ssh Authentication Object can have an incorrect password or no enable password.